Want to get your very own illustration? I work on all sorts of commissions and put a lot of love and attention to detail into each design. You will be part of every step of the way, from sketch to finished illustration. I am not happy until you are happy!

You can use the finished illustration for stickers or personal branding. You can also gift it to someone special or get it inked... The sky is the limit really, because you will have the rights to use it however you like! Most of my commission work is about nature and adventure, but it is not a requirement, as I also work on other kinds of projects.  

Because I have sticker shop I often get asked if I handle personal sticker orders, which I don't. This part is up to you, but it's super easy and websites like Sticker Mule and the Sticker App can help you with that. Once I have finished the illustration you will receive some different file formats which are suitable for stickers, T-shirts, prints etc. 
If you want to hire me and would like to know a rate, please fill out the following form. 
At the moment I am doing a vanbuild and don't have time for many commissions! Please only fill out this form, if you are not in a rush. Response rate may take up to 20 days. I am sorry for this! Please bear with me until then :)