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We are glad that you followed the path, that brought you here! This is the official website of our international community. We encourage each other to try unconventional ways of living and explore nomadic, minimalist and self-sufficient living spaces.

Our community spreads across different platforms: on Instagram, on Facebook and this website. All serve a different function and are constantly evolving and growing.

If you are also thinking about living in anything from tiny houses to rolling-, sailing- and off-grid homes, or you are already doing so, feel free to join this exciting movement!

There is a lot to explore on this website, so here are a few places you can start

Digital commissions of your freedomvessel, tinyhouse or off-grid home
Whether as branding, souvenir or gift, these illustrations beautifully commemorate and celebrate adventurous and unconventional lifestyles. Each product is created and painted digitally using reference photos.  

Tanja B. is the artist creating the illustrations and she puts a lot of love and attention to detail into each commission. Being a vanlifer and nomad herself, she knows how to  capture the essence of her customers favorite adventure vehicle or preserve a cherished moment.

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