I am responsible
I am responsible

I am responsible

Positive affirmations can change your life. Studies have shown that using positive self-affirmations can reduce stress and make us more resilient to difficult situations. How awesome is that? 

If you aren’t already self-affirming, right now is the best time to start! You are gorgeous, you are legendary, you are happy, you are responsible! 

We encourage you to learn more about this important matter here.

  • Vegan
  • Weather durable
  • Made in Europe/USA
  • Printed in a matte finish
📏 Dimensions:
  • 3"×3" / 75mm×75mm

🌍 We ship worldwide!

  • Dispatched from the U.K. and the United States
  • Estimated time of affival: usually 1-2 weeks 
    (Sometimes up to 30 days)


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