Hi lovely people 🌼 I am Tanja B, one of the creators of BreakAwayToday and fulltime nomadic artist. 
I combine my two biggest passions adventure and creativity, and create artworks, which are inspired by nomadic and alternative living spaces. I hope my work inspires people to reconnect with nature and explore new ways of living, that are more sustainable for our planet. By purchasing stickers, commissions and digital downloads you will help me finance the daily costs of living in a van.


If you have any other design needs or other illustration work that you would like to hire me for, feel free to reach out! You can either write an email or a DM to my instagram: @tanjab.illus to get in touch. I will get back to you as quickly as possible!


Visit my Instagram @tanjab.illus to check out all of my illustrations.
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My Instagram Feed: @TanjaB.Illus

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