↟ Break Away Tale NR 128 // @yeyeaustralia

We’re Kevin and Cristina, we met many years ago and since then our lives have been a full on adventure. After battling away for a few years, the cost of living (IE: crazy house prices) made us rethink our future somewhat. So we had the brainwave to reno a bus, move into it and leave the big smoke (Sydney) behind. 

We are Social media content creators, photographers, videographers.⠀
We love skiing, surfing (just learning), adventure and playing the cajon (Cristina) and guitar(Kevin).⠀

Here we are, living the dream (somedays at least!!) – resting our heads in a bus, working remotely, meeting heaps of cool people and travelling Aussie land.⠀
Our plan is to continue to live fulfilling lives while we travel this great land of Australia.⠀
See you on the road! Happy travels trendsetters!