↟ Break Away Tale NR 193 // @yellow.like.sunshine

For me, Darcey, our story begins somewhere around having a child. I never knew how much having a child would change our lives. Life seems so simple when you’re single or even with a partner, personal needs can be met without much consideration. When a child comes along, the combination of the responsibility of being a new parent, in addition to the pressures of societal norms such as a house, car, things and stuff can lead to you quickly feeling that you’re missing out on the beauty of life, the most beautiful of all being the family that you just created. ⠀

Although our plans for our jobs and house were always temporary, one year into our new baby’s life and I already felt as though I was totally missing out on their childhood. My desire to change the direction of my life was strongly propelled along by my need to reconnect with the love of my life (Malinda) and to finally create a deep unbreakable bond with my child.⠀

Living in our bus was never intentionally about travelling around Australia. It was more about a way of living, creating time and space for each other. Living with only the basic necessities opens us up to experience so much more. I sometimes feel as though we have far more in common with the people that dwell in make-shift tarpaulin houses in forest than the travellers we meet. ⠀

Our lives now feel rich and abundant, passionate and purposeful. I wouldn’t say that everything is 100% perfect, we still have hard times but there is much nicer balance now that we are living more in alignment with our values.⠀