↟ Break Away Tale NR 145 // @wetravelbybus

Bus Info. ⠀
1993 GMC Vandura Thomas Build Short Bus⠀

We are Julie and Kai and we found our bus by accident. It was standing on the street in Berlin and we saw it one morning on our way to grab a coffee. We bought it one day later and started the conversion right away. Overall it took us about one year to reach the finish line. Actually we found out that you never really reach the finish line with a project like this ;)⠀

Living more with less has become our motto.Reducing things and monthly costs make this lifestyle possible for us. Actually we are still searching for the best way to manage everything. There is no place in the world I love being more than in our bus. But there are times when we really enjoy being in the city too. So I guess it’s all about finding the right balance.⠀

Julie is a Tattoo Artist and runs her own studio in Berlin @juliatoebel so she has to be in town at times. ⠀
Kai is a freelance Commercial filmmaker and is able to live and work on the road by making films and photography.⠀

We try to spend as much time in the bus together as possible and luckily we are able to do long climbing and surfing trips around Europe together. This year will be England and Korsika and we are planning to spend the winter in Portugal.⠀

We were always in love with the tiny house and minimalistic concept and are super happy that we have our short tiny house on wheels now. Being able to move around Europe and to be flexible was super important to us. We love to park at far of remote places when there is no one around and spend the night with music, good fresh food and a campfire.⠀