↟ Break Away Tale NR 211 // @thedangerz

We are Bryan+Jen (and Karma the wonderdog) and we have been living a life outside the box for the last 7.5yrs. ⠀

We quit our jobs and ran away looking for a simpler/happier lifestyle in 2012, long before vanlife was a hashtag. What we thought was going to be only a year or two sabbatical to take the adventure of a lifetime (driving our 67 VW Bus through mexico and central america) soon turned into a realization that we were instead after a lifetime full of adventure.⠀

We now realize we are fully “broken” and will do whatever it takes to not return to to the jobs/lifestyle we knew before.⠀

We are committed to living each day focused on happiness first and collecting experiences rather than things. We wake up each morning and ask ourselves if where we are (both physically and mentally) is where we really want to be- and if the answer is no we make change immediately!⠀

Traded up the old VW for a sprintervan and we have continually reinvented ourselves as needed to make this journey continue, from turning our garage into a tiny home-base to starting multiple small businesses- one focused on designing small, minimal custom homes @zenboxdesign and one designing adventurevan conversions and DIY vanbuild kits based upon our own home-on-wheels @ZENVANZ.⠀

We didn’t start out with any plan or destination (and still don’t have one), and we certainly don’t have all (or any) of the answers - but we do know that we’ve stumbled upon a life that we always dreamt of and thought was impossible… and we aren’t about to let it go!! ⠀

We have recently traded in the van for a sailboat and are in the process of learning to sail as we island hop through the the caribbean. Talk about new learnings and adventures!!⠀

If you’re looking to make change in your life, to find a way to chase happiness or live a simpler lifestlyle don’t hesitate to reach out @theDangerz as we love nothing more than connecting with others about dreams, goals, and creating the life you always dreamt of.⠀