↟ Break Away Tale NR 152 // @theadventureproject_tap

I’ve never been a “think inside the box” type of gal. I’m the mom who drives a big ol campervan with a giant mural of a mountain on the side, to and from soccer and through school drop off lines. I roll in next to the range rovers with a sweet Chaco tan and mud on my tires and don’t think twice about it. I’ll accept a position in a National Park, sight unseen, and just goes for it - because how can you not? Somehow, by the skin of our teeth, it all mostly comes together. I can’t apologize for it. I just don’t know how to be any other way. ⠀

Currently, we live the weekend warrior life. Our little one attends public school M-F, my husband works a 9-5 and I’m busy building our family business; The Adventure Project (TAP), where I share my writing, photography, and provide trip planning services for the everyday traveler. Life looks pretty normal during the week, and then the weekend rolls around!⠀

We live for adventure in the great outdoors and feel that as long as we’re together, home is where we park the campervan. We can be found rafting down a river, exploring a slot canyon, or carving down a mountain whenever we can. That’s only if I can be lured out of the kitchen (cooking is my 1st love). We’re always accompanied by our two husky pups, Luna & Summit, who are the heart and soul of our adventure pack.⠀

We’re currently in the process of creating our dream; a bed and breakfast built for fellow adventurers. Think rustic bell tents, canvas yurts, tipi lodging. All with home cooked breakfast, rental gear and directions to our favorite “secret” spots to see here in the Roaring Fork Valley of CO. Equal parts nature, Equal parts luxury. We have a lot of work ahead of us, including securing the right property, so for now we keep pushing, keep dreaming. If anyone can pull it off, I know it’s us.⠀

We’re always unsure of where the future will take us, but I’m pretty sure we like it that way!⠀

Happy Trails, The TAP Family⠀