↟ Break Away Tale NR 15 //  @susicruzz

Susi is 5’3 ft small, which allows her to lay side wards in her small vanagon. A vanagon so customized that man wouldn’t believe a little girl like her, who studied fashion and design management, would build a van like that. But she likes to prove the people wrong by doing things she believed in. She has thousand of hobbies. Thousand of interests but non of them was ever strong enough to keep her still. To keep her focused on that 1 hobby. ⠀

So she built the van. A vehicle that is not her escape to freedom, not an escape from reality. But a vehicle that represents a life of movement towards that 1 hobby in life, that fulfills her so much, that she forgets to eat, forgets to sleep. So she can transform this hobby into her existance. Traveling doesn’t mean freedom to her. Vanlife doesn’t mean freedom to her. It’s only an outcome , it’s only the result of her free mind that she chooses to live by. And her goal is to awake this freemind in as many people as possible.