↟ Break Away Tale NR 70 // @strandedbird

Long story short: My name is Chris Strand and my girlfriend is Sarah Bird, hence, strandedbird as our instagram name. We met our freshman year at FIU in Miami FL. We loved being outdoors and traveling that any chance we had to escape classes we would take it and go on adventures to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, D.C. etc. Every penny we could save was to continue traveling. ⠀

After we graduated with engineering degrees we said fuck it to the 9-5 for now and let’s build a little tiny home on wheels that we could call ours (Nella). This helped us continue our travels, live freely and make it all the way to Alaska and back to Miami. We are now officially living in Costa Rica to work and enjoy more tropical weather. We always make last minute decisions so who knows where we will be tomorrow or next week. Just living it day by day.