↟ Break Away Tale NR 203 // @steadystreamincashios

Hey, we are Zach and Colleen from @steadystreamincashios. We met when I(Colleen) was in hair school in Baton Rouge. Once I finished hair school Zach and I moved to London, England so I could further my education. After London we moved back to Arkansas where my family lived. ⠀

Once we moved to Arkansas Zach had his first seizure and had brain surgery shortly after to remove a malformation. That was the first time we realized how short life was and to enjoy each day you’re given. We were living the typical American dream- work, work, work to buy more things. And we collected a lot of things. Once we had our first son our life turned completely upside down. We realized how precious this little life was and we didn’t want to miss any of it by taking care of a house full of material items. At this time I had a salon and we decided to buy an Airstream to renovate for “weekend trips”. Then, I got a crazy idea to move into the 200 sq ft Airstream full-time from our 3,000sq ft home. At first Zach thought I was crazy. But then once we started getting rid of possessions in our house it just made sense. I had less anxiety when we started removing things we never even used. ⠀

After our first big clean we took everything to be donated. Strangely enough, we didn’t even notice what we were missing. Immediately we told each other that we would never be buying things to stuff a house anymore. By the time our Airstream was fully renovated we had our second son and we were a little worried how our kids, almost 3 and almost 1 at the time, would react to downsizing. They didn’t even notice. They have always been the kids to play outside more than inside so it wasn’t a drastic change for them. We spent most days playing outside and our layout was perfect for indoor play time also. Kids really adapt to things so easily.

After Zach renovated our Airstream we were trying to figure out what our next step would be with life and work. Zach really loved renovating vintage trailers so we decided to take a leap of faith and decided to renovate another Airstream to sell. He started to renovate a 1968 Airstream and just finished, which is now for sale. Towards the end, we were going back and forth on what to do. Our dream was to always travel, but we didn’t know how we could make money on the road to support us and we didn’t have a proper tow vehicle. So I got another crazy idea... sell the Airstream we were living in to buy a cargo van to convert so we could take a couple months off of work to travel. ⠀

It was bittersweet selling our original Airstream. We worked 2 years to bring it back to life and we thought we’d keep it forever. As soon as we listed it this amazing lady came to buy it. It was truly meant to be. We could never come up with a name for our Airstream and she immediately said she wanted to call it DeeDee after her grandmother and it just felt right❤️⠀

Once we sold DeeDee, we decided to buy a Promaster van to convert and that’s what we have been working on right now. This isn’t forever for us, but our kids are still small (3&1) so we decided to not put off traveling and take another leap of faith. ⠀

It’s easy to stay in the cycle of work, but we are really trying to work on finding a balance between working and traveling. So once the van is done and we sell @magdalenetheairstream, we will head out for a couple of months! Since I gave up doing hair to become a stay at home mom, which I’m super grateful for, I still want to use the gift I was given. So we decided along with traveling, we will find shelters/homes that I can go and volunteer to cut hair while the kids play with other kids. We are so grateful for the life we’ve been blessed with. We do not want to get into our old age and regret always playing it safe or doing things because “society” tells us it should be this way. ⠀