↟ Break Away Tale NR 160 // @sautedanslevan

We are Mendy, Damien and Pooka 😺 We come from France.⠀

I (Mendy) used to travel in van with my parents, brother and sister since I was a kid. After my studies I worked a little to save money and bought my first car... a jumper! The van conversion took a few months and I started traveling for 3 months in England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy. After this trip I only used the van during holidays because I was working. After I met Damien, we decided to save as much money as we could and quit our jobs in Paris. When we left, we had saved 38 000€. ⠀

We didn't want to stay in a life that didn't really belong to us. There wasn't any time to take time off. It was quite: subway, work, sleep. We wanted to be in nature, to live more simply, to have less furniture but more life and encounters. We left in May for a fulltime trip and as of now we have no end date. We bring our cat with us and he loves this vanlife. When we are in nature, we let him free near the van and he comes back when we call him. When we go for hikes he sometimes comes with us. We have lived this way for more than 3 months now and we love it. We've discovered so many new landscapes, met new people and cultures. We have learned so much... ⠀

We are happy now and don't wish for anything else than living the way we do now.⠀