↟ Break Away Tale NR 209 // @salty.roamers⠀⠀

We are Andi and Kathi – two creatives living in our self-converted transporter.⠀
It started in 2016, when we both said goodbye to our home county Austria to go travel and be close to the ocean. While our travels – one year in separately – we met each other in Nicaragua and became best friends.⠀

We both continued traveling for another year – more of central America, Indonesia, Australia, India and Portugal – and eventually returned “home” after being away for two years. Both of us, Andi and Kathi, got a job in Salzburg, Austria at the beginning of 2018 and so we decided to move together as friends, but became a couple instantly.⠀

We quickly realized, that we missed the ocean and our freedom too much and decided to build a small home on wheels. After a couple of months of researching and looking for a car, we finally found “Sunday”. He is a a Citroen Jumper with high roof and two seats – exactly what we were looking for. So, we started the conversion. Almost 6 weeks later Andi hit the road and went straight to Portugal, Kathi followed him after finishing some work in Salzburg.⠀

Since then we are traveling in our Van – up and down the coasts of Portugal and Spain, right now we are discovering Morocco – escaping the winter and enjoying the sun and waves. We are building up our freelance work – Andi is a Photographer and Videographer, Kathi is working as a Yoga Teacher, Texter and Communication Consultant – and hope to be able to live and work like this for as long as we want to.⠀

We are the happiest we´ve ever been, traveling in our home, being close to the ocean and meeting like-minded people on the way. Our van is built to exactly fill our needs – two people, a workspace, indoor kitchen and space for (at the moment) 5 surfboards as well as a comfy bed. We are excited to see where our journey is taking us!⠀