↟ Break Away Tale NR 112 // @sailing_nandji

We are a young couple with a relentless desire to wander. We'd had enough of the retrace and bought an old Coaster bus, drove off into the sunset, working and travelling the coast for 2 years. Our horizons had broadened to further possibilities as we started researching sail boats with a couple of like minded friends. With no sailing experience we sold the bus and threw our savings into an old 40ft boat named Nandji with a good design for crossing oceans.⠀

Everything broke, we had to learn a lot about the boat very quickly! 6 months of learning how to sail and six months of intense boat work, work and saving, we departed Australia on our first offshore passage to New Caledonia. It took 8 days at sea and we were hit by a freak 50+ knot storm, breaking lots of things on day 1 but we pushed on to fulfill our dream. We have been sailing offshore for the past year now and hope to one day complete a full circumnavigation.⠀

The fulfilment in following our dreams is enormous. It's been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding adventures I've ever embarked on.