↟ Break Away Tale NR 178 //  @sailingcatalpa

18 months ago we packed up our lives, sold everything we owned, said goodbye to our family and friends and headed off on an adventure of a lifetime. We bought a sailing boat 4 years ago with the dream to make it our home and sail the world. We are a family of 4 from the Gold Coast in Australia that now live on a 45 foot sailing boat named Catalpa, we homeschool our kids and now earn money from our laptop as we travel and live on the ocean. Our adventure was a long time coming as Lee and I have dreamt of this lifestyle since we met 15 years ago and as we sailed out to sea on our small humble home with not much experience or loads of money....but a love for adventure and the sea we all felt like we were home.⠀

The dream became reality and we set off into the sunset chasing clear waters, uncrowned waves and sunshine. We had very little sailing experience, 2 kids aboard and a love for the ocean. The next 6 months we spent travelling the east coast of Australia, scuba diving as much as we could as we love to dive and spent a lot of time out on the a Great Barrier Reef. All 4 of us are certified scuba divers plus we have a dive compressor onboard, Taj and Bella have been diving since they were about 8. Our other love is surfing growing up surfing the beautiful waves on the Tweed Coast and once we got to Darwin we left Australia in search for some uncrowned waves in Indonesia. We have now been cruising Indonesia for a year and are currently in the Mentawis surfing our little hearts out in clear waters and sunshine.⠀

We live off fish that we catch ourselves and local markets for fruit and vegetables and stock up on food and supplies when we are in main towns. We don’t have a plan for the future or know how long this will last but for now are living each day the best way we know how, simply and together. We document our travels and you can join us on our adventures following us on Instagram and subscribing to our YouTube channel Sailing Catalpa.⠀