↟ Break Away Tale NR 185 // @princesspeppers_

I have always been passionate about traveling and exploring. After trying the “van life” for a couple years, I felt it wasn’t physically active enough for me and wanted more of a challenge and to push my own limits.⠀

I discovered bicycle travel, but had no clue where to even start with it. I was doing a fair amount of video blogging on social media and made a video about my plans on YouTube. A stranger and self-proclaimed “bike nerd” named Andrew emailed me and asked if he could join. Naturally, I was apprehensive. He drove his 1986 Volkswagen van across the country from Oregon to Michigan to meet me delivering me a steel touring Bicycle that I had purchased online from Boise Idaho.⠀

We got to know each other a little bit until he left to Colorado to visit some friends while waiting for me to make up my mind. About a week later I quit my job in Michigan as a hairdresser, shipped my bicycle and took a greyhound bus to Fort Collins to meet him. From there we began Bicycle touring, slowly became best friends, and eventually got married on the road. We have been together for 3 years now touring around the United states.⠀

We have sold/given away most of our material possessions that don’t fit on our bicycles and have committed to this lifestyle and doing what we love.⠀