↟ Break Away Tale NR 151 // @outdoors_is_free

My name is Melissa and I live in a self built trailer.⠀

At this time in the world, the idea of learning is something that also brings up the idea of a classroom, and usually centers around skills that we can use our brains for to do things in the world around us.⠀

But that’s just a tiny piece of all there is to learn during this short blip of experience we have.⠀

I spent most of my childhood and early adulthood chasing external displays of success, be it good grades, job offers, money, or some other acceptable placeholder, and all the while something in my gut or heart or soul or somewhere was sitting with me waiting until my brain was ready to let go of the need to please someone else for a minute.⠀

And over time, that feeling got stronger, and it became more and more a search for my own truth out of necessity rather than choice.⠀

It’s a hard thing to describe, but I think thats because it’s something that is beyond words. Words are only a tool and help us peel off the layers of what it is to be alive, to pull back the veil and see from one angle this enormously powerful thing we are experiencing.⠀

By giving myself the right to listen to the voice in my soul, I’ve ended up living a life that doesn’t look quite the same as it used to. And it doesn’t really matter externally what it looks like anymore, because at some point I realized how precious this all is, and the more I chase the truth within my own heart, the more my love for this world has grown.⠀