↟ Break Away Tale NR 180 // @ohlavan

Eka and I met for the first time in Panama City, where we both lived at the time. On our first date, he invited me to leave with him for a 4-day weekend to a secluded beach with no cell service, a six-hour car ride away from the city. I said yes. After all, if it turned out that there was no chemistry, I would still be able to enjoy one of my favorite beaches for a few days.⠀

It’s been almost two years now and here we are, traveling around the Americas in a 12m2 home on wheels with our puppy, Tikla. During the past 15 months, we drove from Panama to Alaska and we’ve learned so much along the way.⠀

We’ve learned that a simple life is a better life. We have minimized our material possessions and have learned to appreciate the little things such as a cold outdoor shower from a bucket on a hot Central American day or the arrival of the fruit and veggie truck on a secluded beach. We’ve learned that you can clean a lot of dishes or brush your teeth with little amount of water.⠀

We’ve learned to give people and places the benefit of the doubt, and not let ourselves succumb to fear by listening to those who haven’t even left their own country. In El Salvador, we met the nicest families, surfed amazing waves and ate the yummiest local food. In Honduras, we swam with dolphins, learned about the ancient Maya civilization and interacted with blue and red Macaws.⠀

Most importantly, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. If you want to get to know your partner, travel with them in a camper! It is not always easy, but this kind of experience in a relationship is priceless. Like they say, if it doesn’t kill the love, it will make it stronger.⠀