↟ Break Away Tale NR 189 // @nicolettenotes

hi everyone!⠀

my name is nicolette and my other half’s name is michael..and this is our story.⠀
i have always been a little let’s say..unconventional? i never wanted the 9-5 job. i never wanted the typical “american dream”. i always wanted to just do my own thing, my own way. so about 5 years ago i started hearing about the tiny house movement and from the beginning i was hooked. ⠀

being able to create something with your own two hands that would allow me to live the lifestyle i have always dreamed of. lower costs of living. a smaller footprint on this planet and a place that would be all to mine.⠀

then this boy walked into my life. we met at a small little bakery in Santa Barbara CA and the rest is history. one of the many reasons i fell so in love with him was because he made my dreams become a reality. and that was the start of our tiny house adventure.⠀

we bought our 28 foot long trailer in January of 2018 with about half my life savings, and didn’t really know what to do next. we learned everything from youtube, books, and other amazing people like you who are involved in the tiny house movement. we did everything ourselves. from the subfloor to the framing of the walls to the electrical and plumbing. we just knew what we wanted and we weren't going to let anything get in our way.⠀

fast forward 7 months later and our tiny house was being pulled 424 miles up north where michael would attend UC Berkeley. ⠀

how amazing is it that our house can come with us? that everything we own fits into 320 square feet. that we created something that constantly reminds us of our potential and how we can make this life whatever we want it to be. ⠀

every single day we feel so incredibly lucky to be living this life. to have freedom. to have flexibility. to have something that we built from literally the ground up. and most importantly, to have a place to call home. ⠀

xoxo nicolette⠀