↟ Break Away Tale NR 194 // @kentonzerbin

Who doesn’t want lifestyle and financial freedom? ... But we also wanted a house that was ethical, sustainable, and off-grid. And why not make it gorgeous?? ⠀

Hi! I'm Kenton, this is my wife, Melissa, our cat, Roxanne, and this is our off-grid Canadian tiny house that my wife dubbed “the no compromises tiny house.”⠀

As a teacher of sustainable living, I wanted a house that reflected our values, met our needs, and allowed us a free lifestyle unencumbered by debt. So we designed and built this beauty and are going on 2 years of living the tiny house dream.⠀

For you data nerds, it’s a ~360 sq. ft. house. Its equipped with a collapsible 3kW solar system + evacuated solar tubes for solar heated water. It’s also got ~2000L of on-board fresh water storage and a perfectly sized cute wall mounted wood stove. Its completely off grid. ⠀

We learned a lot along the way... dos and dont's, costly mistakes, and how to work with, around, and change (!) legalities. So I offered an “Alternative Homes” course in 2015 and it was a smashing success! Fast forward to today and I am running “Learn To Design & Build A Tiny House” courses across Canada! ⠀

To see more pics of our house we invite you to follow our tiny life here on Instagram! @KentonZerbin ⠀

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Happy tiny housing! ⠀