↟ Break Away Tale NR 197 // @just.passin.through

We are Hannelore, Jonathan and our dog Shiba. Born and raised in Belgium, now exploring the world one place at a time.⠀

We both had great, steady jobs and were on the verge of buying a house. But we felt it was time for something different. ⠀

Back in 2017 we bought an ex-policevan and converted it ourselves to go on short surftrips. We got a taste of vanlife and wanted more. So, we quit our jobs in Belgium, sold most of our belongings and finally, in May 2018, we moved into our small Ford Transit. Jonathan is a photographer and videographer who loves to document our travels and the beautiful world we pass through, Hannelore used to work as a goldsmith and is working as a graphic designer on the road. Shiba has never worked a day in his life but has now a great responsibility as the guarder of our van.⠀

Until now we have been travelling south along the Atlantic coast, chasing waves and escaping the cold winter. Since we already had the van, it made sense to explore Europe and Northern Africa first. We don't have a goal for how long we want to travel. As long as we enjoy it?⠀

We don't have a certain route mapped out either. We go wherever we feel like going! In our house on wheels, we find the most magnificent spots in nature. Sometimes completely deserted. Other times we meet fellow vanlifers and enjoy a beer around the bonfire. It all sounds very idyllic, because very often it just is!⠀

Of course, living on such a small space together is not always easy. It really makes you reflect about yourself as a person and tests your relationship as a couple. There is no personal space at all, so it is very hard to create your own space. You really discover new things about yourself and each other. We got a completely different experience about time, space and value. ⠀

It's such a relief to see that you can get by with a small budget and a minimal amount of stuff. You don't need much when you are exactly where and with whom you want to be. After all, happiness is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.