↟ Break Away Tale NR 190 // @jennifervaniston

House & mortgage 🏘? Maybe one day, but that’s a big commitment. I’ve always moved around, as an international school kid and now as an adult, and it makes me a bit anxious to think of committing to one place! So, early last year, instead of thining about a house, I decided to buy and build a different type of home - a small, cheap one, with wheels and adventure 🚐! I’ve owned a bunch of older Toyotas in the past, so it made sense to get an old Toyota Hiace - they’re reliable and parts would be easy to find if - no, when - things broke 😂⠀

I picked the van up cheap off some German backpackers and... it was far from perfect. But it had potential & I planned to rip the inside out and start from scratch! I spent 3 months (and.. money – somehow the little things add up 😬) rebuilding it to suit my requirements and tastes. I wanted a permanent, proper mattress bed (I’m too lazy for fold-outs), lots of natural light, and a really good power setup so that it felt like ‘home’ (read: PS4 for NHL 🏒)⠀

I also recently started surfing at the ripe old age of 31 🏄! So she’s become the perfect surf-mobile- roll out of bed, make a coffee, and be on a wave within a few minutes. ⠀

And, I have a furry little meow-meow travel buddy now! Marbles is a 10-year old rescue cat from the RSPCA who loves cruising with me when she can - she has a litter box built into the van (but prefers nature poops) and loves watching the world go by as we cruise. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping. She's my world, and continues to impress me with her ability to adapt and attitude ❤🐈 Now I just need the perfect hippy surfer girlfriend to complete our family 😉⠀

I’ve also been able to connect with an awesome community of other people doing the same through insta, and as sad or awesome as it sounds the van has honestly become a small extension of who I am 😂 ! Oh yeah, the name 🤷‍♂️ ! Well, both the actress Jennifer Aniston and the van are both getting a bit older now, but still remain suuper hot… am I right?⠀