↟ Break Away Tale NR 208 // @bebold_seekadventure

Hey guys! We are Liz and Mike and we sold our house and all of our stuff and converted a school bus into our home. We are elopement and intimate wedding photographers and have traveled quite a bit around the world photographing awesome and adventurous couples. We decided to live on the road full time since we were traveling with our photography anyways!⠀

Although we were traveling, we still came back to suburbia living, which had made us complacent and comfortable and we were far from being happy or feeling fulfilled. ⠀

I (Liz) returned from shooting an elopement in New Zealand and told Mike that we needed to change our lifestyle. We were living and working to pay bills and had an endless mortgage. We knew we had to make big changes not only for ourselves but also for our son Bryce (who is 11 now). (Cont.)⠀

We were living life on auto pilot. Spending time together was minimal and we knew first hand that life is just too short to waste any time. ⠀

Mike was full of fear and doubt initially but as time went on and he completed the bus conversion, he was ready. ⠀

For the past 19 months, we have been creating an alternative lifestyle that fosters our desire to live life with intention and fearless pursuit. Something we had not been doing when we lived in a house, in a neighborhood, stuck in the “grind”.⠀

We are spending quality time together, facing challenges and making intentional decisions that force us to grow individually and as a family. We have opened up space and opportunities to be creative and pursue our passion for photography and our desire to be bold with our choices and decisions and to seek adventure in all that we do.⠀